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Joe Marais Artist and Painter South Africa

About Joe Marais | Artist & Painter | South Africa

Although Joe has had no formal art training, a natural talent and love for drawing led him to start sketching and painting. Inspired by the natural beauty of the African landscape and wildlife, his creative abilities grew and he gradually developed his own style in his preferred medium of acrylics. In June 1993 his painting of two sparrows on a milk-can was selected for the back page of Readers' Digest. In 1995 he was invited to exhibit at the 'Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition'. He has also exhibited successfully in Central Park, New York, Canada and London.

In 2004 he exhibited at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada. His paintings can now be found all over the world. He presented art classes for many years as well as art demonstrations to members of various art societies. Joe is a firm believer that dedicated hard work must lead to business success. His work has sparked the interest of both local and foreign tourists who are pleased to purchase a visual keepsake of this lovely area.

He equates the painting of a canvas to a stage performance, where the success of the show is measured by the response of the audience. This inspires and motivates him. One of Joe's biggest achievements was painting a life size elephant during 2010. The canvas alone was 4,5 meters high by 3.2 meters wide. It took more than 500 hours to paint. The different stages of painting this majestic animal can be seen on his website. This painting, one of a kind in the world, will be auctioned during 2011 where a percentage will go towards wildlife conservation. Joe paints to share his story, his vision and conceptual symbolism - his passionate love affair with painting the natural scenes of life outdoors.

Contact Joe here.

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